Roof Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is the core of our roofing service. We want to support building owners and managers with their building's flat roofs to prolong the life and help mitigate expensive issues that could arise if roofs are left unmaintained. 

At StructureCare we recognise the substantial investment that commercial building owners make in their properties, and we're committed to helping them protect that investment.

The roof is a critical component of any building, and neglecting its upkeep can lead to costly damage and disruption. Our comprehensive proactive roof maintenance service is designed to safeguard your investment and ensure the long-term integrity of your commercial property.

Our team of skilled professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks. This means the team can address potential issues before they escalate, helping mitigate potential damage, saving you both time and money in the long run. From inspecting for leaks and assessing the condition to housekeeping, we ensure your roof remains in optimal condition.

PPM programme
We carry out 1-2 annual inspections that determine the condition of your building’s roof(s). We capture this data in a comprehensive roof condition report. During each inspection we also carry out:

  • Visual roof inspection and housekeeping including unblocking outlets.
  • Preventative maintenance repairs on the roof membrane and laps, upstand details, metal and stone cappings, and outlets.
  • Report will also detail cost-effective recommendations for reactive repairs, refurbishment and replacement within budget.

Issues that manifest without maintenance

1. Splits in the waterproofing membrane
2. Blistering
3. Ponding / decking deflection
4. Plant growth from un-repaired split
5. Defective coping /capping joints
6. UV degradation to rooflights
7. Blocked outlets
8. Invasive species / foliage
9. Failed mastic sealant
10. Delamination of upstand waterproofing
11. Box gutter with debris
12. Saturated insulation
13. Mould on the ceiling
14. Saturation through the insulation into the structural deck
15. Water damage to internal walls
16. Water damage to floors
17. Water damage to internal fixtures

Why choose us?

  • Issues mitigated. Risk of issues, outlined above, are drastically reduced.
  • Roof access. Included within the package detailing the most cost-effective options for your budget.
  • Trained experts. Our internal technicians will be accessing the roof and carrying out inspections. It is essential that only trained and accredited individuals access areas at height.
  • Maintenance updates. Updates/logs will be kept to uphold guarantees/warranties.
  • Latest roofing technology. We have a range of roof diagnostics tools, including thermal imaging equipment, that can demonstrate areas of water ingress non-intrusively if significant damage is uncovered at initial inspection.
  • Sustainable method. Carrying out PPM will prolong the life of the roof, which therefore, if no roof replacement is required, will reduce the demand for raw materials, energy and land-fill.
  • Asset management. Its about maximising the value of a roof asset throughout its life cycle, in the most cost-effective way. PPM is a pivotal component to this to ensure your roof investment is protected.

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