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Structural Renovation & Repair Specialists

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As a prominent specialist contractor with over 30 years’ experience, we are often asked to find solutions for unusual or particularly challenging repair and refurbishment projects.



Our ‘Special Projects’ team are  ideally placed to assist and advise on all manner of external fabric maintenance, façade renovation and structural rehabilitation schemes from initial defect diagnosis, value engineering at specification and works scoping stage, through to project completion. Many of these projects involve a degree of concrete repair, corrosion mitigation, protective coating and movement control work, 4 No. separate areas where we excel.


Our Delivery Process

Movement control


Working with our clients and their appointed Structural Engineers and/or Building Surveyors, we undertake condition and structural assessments to identify the nature and extent of any defects. We then advise on the repair options and costs so that our Special Projects team can ultimately deliver efficient, innovative and cost effective solutions in a safe and professional manner, with minimal disruption to building occupiers.


Our areas of expertise include;

  • Concrete Repair, Corrosion Mitigation and Protective Coatings
  • Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding
  • Elevated Walkway and Balcony Waterproofing
  • Structural Waterproofing and Tanking
  • Crack Injection, Leak Sealing and Ground Stabilisation
  • Expansion Joints and Slab Lifting


Recent Projects


Peel Centre, Blackburn - Ground stabilisation to embankment



Sabic, Teeside - Ground stabilisation and waterproof tanking

If you have a challenging or unusual project in the pipeline requiring any of the above key skills, we'd love to hear from you.