We specialise in ensuring your elevated shopping centre service deck remains watertight - guaranteed!

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Almost 50% of all UK shopping centres incorporate an elevated service deck directly above occupied retail space. Nearly all of these service decks are utilised 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, meaning a refurbishment is particularly challenging. 


Many of these service decks are also ageing and deteriorated with cracked, failing and pot-holed macadam wearing surfaces coupled with leaking and broken expansion joints. 


Fortunately, USL understand structural waterproofing like no one else. We have also been market leaders in the manufacture and installation of service deck expansion joints for over 30 years.  



With direct access to many high performing structural waterproof spray products and expansion joints, as well as being a preferred partner of leading rooftop parking paving expert Zoontjens, USL StructureCare are the UK's only dedicated elevated service deck refurbishment specialist contractor.


For more information please contact t: +44(0)191 416 1530 or e: info@usluk.com