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Getting It Right First Time Roof Waterproofing By USL StructureCare In Croydon

Wing Yip is widely recognised as the UK’s leading Oriental grocer with four sites - Birmingham, Manchester, Croydon and Cricklewood. So when USL StructureCare were approached for a proven and robust solution for the roof at Croydon as part of a £15m development, there was no hesitation in recommending Blueshield PmB.

BBA approved Blueshield PmB is a rapid curing, two part, spray applied waterproofing system for roof structures. Once applied, Blueshield PmB has excellent crack bridging capabilities and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years, demonstrated by its effective use globally for 40 years. 


BBA approved Blueshield PmB


The USL StructureCare team first ensured that the concrete slab was suitable for waterproofing, before carefully and methodically spraying the membrane to the 5,415m² roof structure. As the Blueshield PmB system cures instantly, the roof became watertight including all upstand details, roof penetrations and abutting structures. With no seams, laps or joints, Blueshield offers significant benefits over other non-fully bonded systems and removes the risk of any hot works associated with hot-melt type installations. 


Following the application of the Blueshield roofing membrane and new insulation, a high quality and high performing parking grade paving system by Zoontjens was placed, allowing the roof to be used by up to 200 No. vehicles without the risk of damaging the now buried roof waterproofing. 


Mark Blackburn of USL StructureCare stated "the complete roofing package offered by USL StructureCare and Zoontjens provides customers with complete peace of mind, and knowledge that their roof is fully watertight, often for the life of the building itself".


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