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Waterproofing Success At Luxury Landmark Housing Development

In the heart of London’s regenerated Vauxhall, a new future for South West London property is rising. At its centre stands Keybridge Development, a fusion of the capital’s mansion blocks with elements of Manhattan architecture, all brought to life in Britain’s famous brick. Keybridge is a bold and ambitious development that’s destined to become the standout landmark in one of the capital’s evolving new neighbourhoods.

USL StructureCare continues to undertake phased structural wall waterproofing and protection works on site with in excess of 6,500m² of Blueshield PmB being applied to the terraces, tree planters and communal podium deck area at this Mount Anvil Development along with installation of circa. 600m of BP1 and Uniflex expansion joints to the vertical and perimeter edge of the building.


Structural wall waterproofing and protection



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