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Belgravia’s Halkin Arcade Undergoes Major Facelift

The new-look Halkin Arcade, funded by Grosvenor, is an amazing place to relax with friends and family.

A central atrium filled with many trees and varied plants provides an oasis of greenery in the heart of Belgravia.


Install 1,000m² of Blueshield PmB Waterproofing


USL StructureCare was engaged by FM Conway to install 1,000m² of Blueshield PmB structural waterproofing to the podium slab, tree planters and concrete up-stands prior to the installation of the architectural paving and attractive garden features.


Install 1,000m² of Blueshield PmB Waterproofing


The client’s primary focus was to ensure minimum disruption to the local businesses and residents in the surrounding area and to return the new entrance area back to the public at the earliest opportunity - Blueshield PmB was chosen because of its rapid installation & cure properties and proven success in time sensitive locations.


Unlike other specialist waterproofing companies, USL StructureCare were able to offer the client the comfort of single point responsibility for the waterproofing element of the contract as Blueshield PmB is manufactured in-house by sister company Pitchmastic PmB.



The unique offering avoids the all too common 'manufacturer and contractor' guarantee, which, if issues arise, often leaves the customer having to determine whether material failure or installation is to blame.


Install 1,000m² of Blueshield PmB Waterproofing


“Halkin Arcade is like a secret garden, tucked away off the busy street,” says Matt Johnson, Senior Development Manager at Grosvenor. “We are glad it attracts people who want to sit outside in a pleasant environment and work on their laptops over a cup of coffee.


The improvements to Halkin Arcade reflect Grosvenor’s 20-year vision for Mayfair and Belgravia, creating active neighbourhoods, greener spaces and better streets.


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